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Life In The Big City – Photography by Gerard Lough

Stills from the following video were featured in the first issue of our magazine.

LIFE IN THE BIG CITY was photographed over a 2 month period. During that time I was traveling a lot to Dublin and working on another complex short film DEVIANT (2008) which would be released at the same time as this music video. This project was something to keep me busy during the slack periods on the other film. Like a lot of  directors, still photography was the first thing I ever experimented with before moving into film-making and this project brought me back to that in a strange way.  I have also had a soft spot for black and white as it has a kind of timeless quality. I knew that some of the images of Dublin would inevitably date as old buildings get torn down and replaced with the new but black and white gives it a timeless quality. All the photographs were done on a no frills digital camera. The images were then edited on Sony Vegas and Dublin composer Cian Furlong created a tranquil and moody piece of electronic music to go with it.

As I’m not from Dublin, you could say that the film is an outsiders view of the city and has no bias either way – both the sleek and new and the rundown and decrepit are included. A drunk asleep, an art exhibition, street graffiti, a man alone with his thoughts in a park… all mixed together. There was no agenda or prevailing theme – just our capital city through my eyes. LIFE IN THE BIG CITY was therefore a very easy film to make and because it was released within a month of another film I was doing at the time I probably ignored it a little as I had to focus on the other film when doing promotional work. But some people have e mailed me with very high praise for the film since and consider it their favourite of my music videos, so I’m delighted now that the film is included in your magazine so more people will hear about it and can check it out.

As a footnote, the return to still photography that started off here would come full circle with my next two short films THE SCANNER and THE STOLEN WINGS (both 2009) as this time thousands of photos would be taken in order to bring in camera visual effects such as light painting to the screen.


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