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Anecdote and Curtain Call…

My personal email gets a lot of spam. Thankfully, my email provider is a pretty cool kinda dude and doesn’t let any of it hit the actual Inbox. But out of curiosity I decided to see just what was in the Spam folder the other day, remembering my days as a Hotmail customer when they either thought I was a man looking for a ‘pump-up’ or had one with similar need.

Imagine my surprise when opening my Spam this all I found was offers of cheap drugs – Xanex, Valium and Vicodin. And that was when I realised two things:

1. I have GOT to stop mentioning House MD online because it seems to be a beacon to the drug sellers – I am not a drug addict, I just have a certain fondness for the one in the programme!

2. Maybe I should have put through and order because the sheer multitude of submissions we have been hit with in this issue is destined to give me a lovely, large headache for most of the weekend, and possibly the start of next week.

Our front cover contest has proved very successful and it physically pains me that there are going to be disappointed people at the end of it but unfortunately there has to be. We will certainly be running the same initiative in next months magazine of which the theme is a huge secret but will be revealed in Issue Two as we’re planning something BIG.

Closing date is Friday, midnight, after which time we won’t even open submissions so get your work in as soon as you can.

And if anyone can recommend a good headache curer, send the answer on a postcard.


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