Minus 9 Squared

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Webbing It Up…

There are some developments at Minus 9 Squared today. Some pretty damn big and good ones we think but hey, who are we to decide? We’re upping the online image of the magazine, meaning more material on our blog, our Facebook page and our IdeasTap profile and portfolio.

What we really want to do is make better use of the our online presences. While we are in submission accepting mode, it tends to be empty so what we want to do is add a few extra sections for artwork and literature – it can be new stuff from writers or stuff already in the zine, whichever they like.

We also want to see work from new writers and artists, in order to keep the catalogue of work constantly updated and constantly fresh. There is no theme so those who may have felt the constraints of our previous themed issues now have free rein to send us whatever they wish.

That way we’ll have a constant body of work coming through all the time and the plan is for perhaps the next issue, to do a featured writer and featured artist based on the work we showcase online. We’ll be posting updates on the main page every time the tabs get updated and hopefully we’ll be able to build up a big catalogue of work.

Any interested submitters and readers should do the following things:

a. Subscribe to the Minus 9 Squared blog

b. Join the IdeasTap or Facebook groups.

c. Email Anna at minus9squared@gmail.com

for more information.


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