Minus 9 Squared

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Minus 9 Embraces The Web

Minus 9 Squared is branching out. We can now be found here and we encourage everyone to add this new blog to their subscription list.

“Minus 9 Online” is the new online arm of our venture, showcasing new work from new artists in all areas of creativity. We aim to update every day and therefore, bring the wonderful talent of our submitters fully into the public eye.

To do this, we have created two categories under which works will fall: “Words On A Page” and “Picture On A Screen”.

“Words On A Page” endeavors to showcase more of the great work we receive every month for the magazine. Whilst our attentions have been turned to the magazine pretty much since its inception, we have realised over the weeks and months that we are missing out on a crucial avenue of exposure and that is through this blog and our other online presences, the main one being Ideastap.co.uk, which we believe every young creative person should be a member of.

“Pictures On A Screen” allows those who have huge catalogues of work and even picture stories as we have received, to showcase that work in full where it may not have been possible in the magazine due to spacing issues. Our hard-drives are bursting with art, photography and whatnot and this is the perfect opportunity for us to show it to the world.

So, in the spirit of exposing ourselves (pun intended), “Words On A Page” and “Pictures On A Screen” will showcase more of the wonderful and exciting work we have had clogging up our inbox for the last three months.


Should anyone wish to contribute work please email Anna at minus9squared@gmail.com


Please include a blog link if you would like us to add you to our blogroll.


Remember: www.minus9online.wordpress.com


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