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Minus 9 Online’s First Words And Pictures

Our sister blog, Minus9Online has said its first words and drawn its first pictures.

Marvel at them here: http://www.minus9online.wordpress.com


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  1. I send this note simply to give the opinion of an Irish American narrowback whose parents hailed from Kerry and Cork. I submit poems to a variety of sites in the U.S. and abroad and I wanted to submit to Minus 9 Squared. But I became confused as to what the publication is when you had only one site and I am even more confused now that you apparently have two. On the positive side, I am happy to see that you are beginning to post work on the web. I have had the good fortune to appear in both print and online journals and even though I love print I am afraid that online is the future and the future is now. For example, over a year ago another fine Irish publication, Revival, published a poem of mine but Revival is a print journal only–or at least it was “back then.” If my poem does not appear elsewhere on the web in the future, a reader five years from now would have to have an “old” copy of Revival to read my poem. You folks have probably seen sites that publish online first and then annually do a print journal. That, for me, would seem to be a simple solution. Right now, despite your obvious efforts, I would not know where to submit to Minus 9 Squared whether my goal was to try for your print or online publication. Please take all of this in the spirit it is intended. And I promise not to visit Wexford if I get to Ireland in the future. Good luck with all of your future endeavors.

    Comment by Donal Mahoney | June 15, 2010 | Reply

    • Email sent to your email, hopefully answers your questions. Should anyone else be experiencing difficulty please don’t hesitate to email.

      Comment by minus9squared | June 15, 2010 | Reply

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