Minus 9 Squared

Issue One Now Online – Click on "Issues" and follow the link

Who we are, Where we come from…

Minus 9 Squared is a literary zine venture of biblical proportions. Well, no. That’s a bit dramatic really, isn’t it?

But dramatic is good. We quite like dramatic here at M9S so feel free to dramatise the heck out of things.

A few basic details about Minus 9 Squared:

1. We’re free. For dinner, drinks, cinema, whatever, we’re always free. Details for attaining our free self will come in due course, i.e. – when we have something to publish.

2. We’re based in the town of Wexford, on the south-east coast of Ireland, where the craic is mighty and everything else is just present. We will, however, accept submissions from all corners of the globe. Over-seas, underseas, beside the sea, in the sea, or just on plain ol’ dry land with no sea in sight. We want to hear from you even if you’re from Mars.

3. We’re looking to gather and showcase talent in every and any artistic discipline. If you write, draw, design, photograph or have any other such talent then we’re dying to see it. (I’m personally still looking for someone who can juggle with their feet so please fulfill that dream, someone).

4. The first issue is fixed for a date far off in the distance that we can’t quite read clearly yet, we think it says something like “ESTR” but we can’t draw any conclusions yet.

5. If anyone wishes to be affiliated with the site in any capacity, please email me at: minus9squared@gmail.com

6. We will also accept suggestions for future issue themes at the above address.

Keep checking back on this blog for updates and details of forthcoming issues. Until then, get creative!


  1. Good luck with your new adventure!

    Cead Mile Failte (my gaelic is rusty).

    Comment by Evelyn O'Reilly | May 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for that Evelyn.

      My Irish is just as rusty but I do believe the phrase you’re searching for is “Go n-eiri an t-ádh leat!” (which is good luck)

      You’re sending me a hundred thousand welcomes but hey that’s alright too!

      Comment by minus9squared | May 17, 2010 | Reply

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