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Happy Christmas To All…

…And to all a good night.


Minus 9 Squared and Minus 9 Online, as you may have noticed, have gone quiet in the last few months. This is for one main reason, the editor (moi) has gone back to college and is absolutely plagued with work.


Therefore, and unfortunately, M9S and M9O have been temporarily suspended. However, for the Christmas period, the blog will be accepting submissions and this will hopefully continue into the New Year. So feel free to send any submissions to minus9squared@gmail.com


We will willingly advertise any events people may wish to showcase too.


We hope you appreciate that the magazine is temporarily on hold as there is just too much going on to do any current magazine justice.


So trot on over Minus 9 Online for upcoming new work, check out our issuu page for past issues of the magazine.


And most of all, have a very merry Christmas.





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Camden’s Calling You To Junction


An exhibition with no limits, Junction will bring together diverse practices and promote young artists for 10 days of events within a constantly changing space.

Minus 9 Squared would like to wish the best of luck to past contributor Andrew Hladky who will feature during the exhibition.


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Closing Time – Last Orders

And so we come to the close of another Minus 9 Squared call for submissions and now we get the fun job of sifting through that which we’ve been sent.


See you all on the other side.


In other news, Minus 9 Online has suffered a bit of neglect in the past while due to family commitments, we do hope to have it back up and running soon but I may need to enlist the help of someone to concentrate solely on keeping it update.


Will keep you all posted.

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6 Days, 5 Hours, 4 Minutes…

…That is when the world will end…

No, wait, sorry now. That’s my Donnie Dark gene kicking in…

No in 6 days, that’s when the Issue 4 deadline hits you all and no more submissions will be accepted.

So get those pieces into us pronto!

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Issue Four Announcement

After an extended hiatus, Minus 9 Squared is back.

For said hiatus, we apologise and beg your pardon, there have been some personal issues to the forefront of our minds and our time was dedicated to them for some time and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

However, we are pleased to announce that the theme for Issue 4 of Minus 9 Squared (publication date TBA) is LIES. We struggled with a number of choices for themes this issue. We contemplated a number of different themes but decided that they ran a little too close to the previous themes whilst this one is a bit more precise.

Submission Guidelines:

Fiction: 3000 maximum.

Flash Fiction: 500 words max.

Poetry: 40 lines max

Visual Arts: No larger than A4 size. JPG format. Maximum of 6 images per submission. We will NOT accept entire albums to choose our favourites from so choose wisely and send!

Theatre: Extracts of up to 3 pages OR 5 monologues

In addition to your submission, please include a contributor’s profile of a few lines that we may use should we choose to publish your work. For examples refer to back issues.

As always, please send all submissions to Anna at minus9squared@gmail.com

EDIT: We are of course, always looking for front covers aswell and the following are the submission guidelines for it:

We are looking for images with the following criteria:

1. A4 size.

2. Portrait format

3. The title of the magazine (Minus 9 Squared) the title ‘Lies’ and the subtitles ‘Issue 4 – September’ somewhere on the body of the cover.

4. Something brilliant would be preferable.

We are accepting visual artistry of any kind, just as long as it’s visual and well, arty.

So get cracking folks – the front page needs you!

Immortality awaits.

Closing Date: 31st August

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Issue 3 Has Arrived!


Click that link. Go on. Click it!

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Issue 3 Coming Soon

Ok, so we’ll admit, Issue 3 has been slower than a bag of snails; slower than FIFA to consider ball-line technology; slower than a turtle on dope….but we are finally just about ready to go!

In the next few days we’ll be ironing out the few little bitty details there always is but after that it’s full steam ahead.

Sure, June’s Issue is coming out in July but hey, what’s important is its arrival, right?

Due to this gross inability to follow time keeping – the fourth issue will not be released until August and the theme will be announced shortly.

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M9S Contributor Publishes First Collection of Short Fiction

Just a quick update to congratulate Jeremiah Ambrose on the recent online publishing of his first collection of short stories: Up Syndrome.

Jeremiah’s short story “I Love Pope” was published in Issue Two of Minus 9 Squared and features in this collection also.

We congratulate him most warmly and wish him the very best in the future.

Up Syndrome can be found here: http://issuu.com/owlwink/docs/upsyndromevol1x

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New Work On Blog

Hello all.

Just a quick post to say today’s featured artists on http://www.minus9online.wordpress.com are Donal Mahoney and Zoe Buser.

We are still welcoming work for the blog and please note that it will be considered for any future magazines as well.

News on Issue 2 in Print. I should have a price by the end of the week.



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New Poetry & Visual Arts

Today’s writer and artist are: Steven Brennan and Greg Burgoyne. Both have featured in previous issues of the magazine but unveil their new work today on our sister blog.


Link here:

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