Minus 9 Squared

Issue One Now Online – Click on "Issues" and follow the link

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Ok, so this blog is beginning to get over-run with new sections but hey, that’s a sure sign that we have things to say. Or at the very least, a sure sign that we’re going to pretend to have things to say!

As you may already know, Issue One is performing beautifully on the statistics chart at Issuu.com, so much so that we have already had some queries about print copies, a practice which was not on our original list of things to do with this zine but there you go, funny how life works out sometimes.

So, anyone wishing to order this or any future issues of the magazine, please email Anna at minus9squared@gmail.com

After that, happy reading.

*** UPDATE ***

Issue One is now well and truly available in Print format. After ironing out some issues, we have been rewarded with the first print copy of the Zine and been promised there are more to come.

Should you wish to purchase a print copy please email the address mentioned above.

Pricing is as follows:

Magazines to:

Ireland: €6

Great Britain: €7

Please note that orders of more than one magazine may be charged extra for postage on account of weight.

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