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Q the Editors & they will A back

No, this post title is not in some way an innuendo, though the fact that this was the first thing we worried about as we sat down to post this must mean that we are in quite a happy place regarding the design of the current magazine. The mice running the controls inform me that at the rate we’reĀ  going, we may see a mostly final copy by this weekend. Everybody hold your breaths.

No, stop holding them now -we’re not THAT close to finished.

But we do need our contributors and readers help for out editorial. For anyone who was not aware, our editorial team has, in the last few months, welcomed a new member to the team, a co-editor whose name cannot be revealed for security reasons. (And because she’s afraid people will go look up her Facebook page for ammunition)

But, as part of our editorial, we are inserting a Q&A session with herself and myself and we require you guys to send us questions to (try to) answer.

So it’s quite simple. If you have a question, please leave a comment underneath this blog post with your question, name and any relevant quirky detail you might wish to impart about yourself.

Alternatively, you can email us at the usual mail minus8squared(at)gmail(dot)com

Happy questioning and hopefully the questions don’t make us unhappy as we try to answer them!

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