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Accepting Submissions for New Collection

The Empire is falling. The rats are leaving the sinking ship. Some of the ones from surrounding ships are leaving. As Benjamin Cook said earlier this week on Twitter, “At this rate there’ll be no one left in the Met by the end of the week.” (Or something to that effect anyway.)


Here at Minus 9 Squared, we like our writing to say something. Yes, we like it to be abstract and witty and arty and different and ground breaking, earth shattering and side splittingly funny too.


While we are not currently accepting submissions for a magazine, we have been rather tickled by all the goings-on in Britain (and indirectly, Ireland) regarding the Murdoch dynasty and News International.


We have watched the news feeds with baited breath. We have witnessed the fall of another Sunday paper; we have witnessed the resignations of a number of very powerful people; we have witnessed the teeny-tiny furrowing of David Cameron’s brow and the sweat creeping slowly down it as the noose tightens around the idea that his government and his own judgement is being called further and further into question.


And we’ve witnessed Wendi Deng absolutely deck a comedian who tried to pull the foam pie trick on the wily 80 year old tycoon. Stand by your man and all that.


So, in honour, actually, let’s not say “in honour” because let’s face it, there’s absolutely nothing honourable about the situation the news media has found itself in. This ongoing cataclysm of events has brought the organisation into disrepute and the question of integrity and honesty is now being questioned in every institute.


The fact is, some of us still know how to do it properly. Some of us still have some elements of common decency such to the extent that the tapping of a murdered teenager’s phone is something that we find abhorrent and would challenge anyone who might suggest that we “must think otherwise because we’re part of the media and they’re all the same”.


We’re not all the same.


So, as a way of marking this remarkable event, Minus 9 Squared is putting together a text anthology of poems and short fiction all based around the collective themes of corruption, manipulation, lies and power. Pretty much any theme that is inherent in the Murdoch story.


We would stress that we would be delighted to receive some crime fiction as the editor is currently engrossed in it.


The best stories and poems will be fashioned into an online novel collection, complete on small pages and everything and will be available from the usual source Issuu.


This is the first spur-of-the-moment publication we have decided upon and we hope that it will be the first of many.


Submissions to the usual address: minus9squared@gmail.com


Deadline: Friday, August 5th.

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Issue Four Announcement

After an extended hiatus, Minus 9 Squared is back.

For said hiatus, we apologise and beg your pardon, there have been some personal issues to the forefront of our minds and our time was dedicated to them for some time and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

However, we are pleased to announce that the theme for Issue 4 of Minus 9 Squared (publication date TBA) is LIES. We struggled with a number of choices for themes this issue. We contemplated a number of different themes but decided that they ran a little too close to the previous themes whilst this one is a bit more precise.

Submission Guidelines:

Fiction: 3000 maximum.

Flash Fiction: 500 words max.

Poetry: 40 lines max

Visual Arts: No larger than A4 size. JPG format. Maximum of 6 images per submission. We will NOT accept entire albums to choose our favourites from so choose wisely and send!

Theatre: Extracts of up to 3 pages OR 5 monologues

In addition to your submission, please include a contributor’s profile of a few lines that we may use should we choose to publish your work. For examples refer to back issues.

As always, please send all submissions to Anna at minus9squared@gmail.com

EDIT: We are of course, always looking for front covers aswell and the following are the submission guidelines for it:

We are looking for images with the following criteria:

1. A4 size.

2. Portrait format

3. The title of the magazine (Minus 9 Squared) the title ‘Lies’ and the subtitles ‘Issue 4 – September’ somewhere on the body of the cover.

4. Something brilliant would be preferable.

We are accepting visual artistry of any kind, just as long as it’s visual and well, arty.

So get cracking folks – the front page needs you!

Immortality awaits.

Closing Date: 31st August

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