Minus 9 Squared

Issue One Now Online – Click on "Issues" and follow the link

Minus 9 Squared 2011 Anthology

Yes, we told you we had an announcement. And here it is:

After an extended hiatus, Minus 9 Squared is back.

As the dust settles on a hectic January, we are pleased to announce that Minus 9 Squared is returning to a virtual shelf near you this Easter.

While it was always our aim to have a magazine every month, time just did not allow and we have now decided that it would be best to focus on 2-3 magazines a year, anthologies if you will so there will be more page space in this magazine.

And the best news? There is no theme so you are free to send us whatever your heart desires (or doesn’t, it’s up to you!)

Looking forward to getting back in the saddle and bringing the biggest and best issue yet to all of you good people.

Submission Guidelines:

Fiction: 3000 maximum.

Flash Fiction: 500 words max.

Poetry: 40 lines max

Visual Arts: No larger than A4 size. JPG format. Maximum of 6 images per submission. We will NOT accept entire albums to choose our favourites from so choose wisely and send!

Theatre: Extracts of up to 3 pages OR 5 monologues

In addition to your submission, please include a contributor’s profile of a few lines that we may use should we choose to publish your work. For examples refer to back issues.

As always, please send all submissions to Anna at minus9squared@gmail.com

EDIT: We are of course; always looking for front covers as well and the following are the submission guidelines for it:

We are looking for images with the following criteria:

1. A4 size.

2. Portrait format

3. The title of the magazine (Minus 9 Squared) somewhere on the body of the cover.

4. Something brilliant would be preferable.

We are accepting visual artistry of any kind, just as long as it’s visual and well, arty.

So get cracking folks – the front page needs you!

Immortality awaits.

Deadline: 31st March 2011

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New Work Over At Minus 9 Online

Read new poetry from Issue One Poet Francis Reilly over at minus9online.

Also, photography from newcomer and recent submitter Anna O’Neill.

Keep those submissions coming in!

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Issue Two – Memory

Polling closed at midnight last night on the hunt for an Issue Two theme. The clear and comfortable winner was MEMORY with 54% of the overall votes.


So there it is: Theme Number Two, and as editor, I feel I have to overstate the importnace of this second issue. Issue One has performed so well that really Issue Two needs to be better again if we wish to continue this venture. So please, get all of your writings, artwork and whatnot into us, we want Issue Two to be bigger and better than One.


The magazine will be accepting the following categories:


Short Fiction: Short fiction no longer than 3000 words.


Flash Fiction: New Category. Short fiction no longer than 500 words, telling a condensed story. This new category is great for people who wish to write snippets. More than one of these may be accepted per writer if spacing allows.


Poetry: Poems of no more than 50 lines.


Visual Arts: Any form of visual artistry in one-two page spreads. Or text and visual like a couple of the submissions we had in Issue One.


Photography: Exactly as it says on the tin!


So there it is people, get creative and send us your work.


Closing Date For Submissions is April 30th.

EDIT: It has been pointed out to me via comment that I am an idiot, but in nicer terms than that! All submissions should be sent to Anna at   minus9squared@gmail.com

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Life In The Big City – Photography by Gerard Lough

Stills from the following video were featured in the first issue of our magazine.

LIFE IN THE BIG CITY was photographed over a 2 month period. During that time I was traveling a lot to Dublin and working on another complex short film DEVIANT (2008) which would be released at the same time as this music video. This project was something to keep me busy during the slack periods on the other film. Like a lot of  directors, still photography was the first thing I ever experimented with before moving into film-making and this project brought me back to that in a strange way.  I have also had a soft spot for black and white as it has a kind of timeless quality. I knew that some of the images of Dublin would inevitably date as old buildings get torn down and replaced with the new but black and white gives it a timeless quality. All the photographs were done on a no frills digital camera. The images were then edited on Sony Vegas and Dublin composer Cian Furlong created a tranquil and moody piece of electronic music to go with it.

As I’m not from Dublin, you could say that the film is an outsiders view of the city and has no bias either way – both the sleek and new and the rundown and decrepit are included. A drunk asleep, an art exhibition, street graffiti, a man alone with his thoughts in a park… all mixed together. There was no agenda or prevailing theme – just our capital city through my eyes. LIFE IN THE BIG CITY was therefore a very easy film to make and because it was released within a month of another film I was doing at the time I probably ignored it a little as I had to focus on the other film when doing promotional work. But some people have e mailed me with very high praise for the film since and consider it their favourite of my music videos, so I’m delighted now that the film is included in your magazine so more people will hear about it and can check it out.

As a footnote, the return to still photography that started off here would come full circle with my next two short films THE SCANNER and THE STOLEN WINGS (both 2009) as this time thousands of photos would be taken in order to bring in camera visual effects such as light painting to the screen.

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