Minus 9 Squared

Issue One Now Online – Click on "Issues" and follow the link

Volume One Announces Itself to the World

Yes folks, that’s right. Volume One is here!

And it’s jam packed with arty and literary goodness. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

It’s available here:

Read it and weep!

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Minus 9 Squared 2011 Anthology

Yes, we told you we had an announcement. And here it is:

After an extended hiatus, Minus 9 Squared is back.

As the dust settles on a hectic January, we are pleased to announce that Minus 9 Squared is returning to a virtual shelf near you this Easter.

While it was always our aim to have a magazine every month, time just did not allow and we have now decided that it would be best to focus on 2-3 magazines a year, anthologies if you will so there will be more page space in this magazine.

And the best news? There is no theme so you are free to send us whatever your heart desires (or doesn’t, it’s up to you!)

Looking forward to getting back in the saddle and bringing the biggest and best issue yet to all of you good people.

Submission Guidelines:

Fiction: 3000 maximum.

Flash Fiction: 500 words max.

Poetry: 40 lines max

Visual Arts: No larger than A4 size. JPG format. Maximum of 6 images per submission. We will NOT accept entire albums to choose our favourites from so choose wisely and send!

Theatre: Extracts of up to 3 pages OR 5 monologues

In addition to your submission, please include a contributor’s profile of a few lines that we may use should we choose to publish your work. For examples refer to back issues.

As always, please send all submissions to Anna at minus9squared@gmail.com

EDIT: We are of course; always looking for front covers as well and the following are the submission guidelines for it:

We are looking for images with the following criteria:

1. A4 size.

2. Portrait format

3. The title of the magazine (Minus 9 Squared) somewhere on the body of the cover.

4. Something brilliant would be preferable.

We are accepting visual artistry of any kind, just as long as it’s visual and well, arty.

So get cracking folks – the front page needs you!

Immortality awaits.

Deadline: 31st March 2011

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1st Glance at Front Cover

With submissions coming in steadily, we at M9S have already started working out the finer details of the magazine, one of the main things being the front cover.


Much thanks to Pedro Rodriguez who designs this Issue’s cover and here is a sneak peak at it. Be aware, it is still a draft and there may be several changes before we publish. Or there may not. Either way, we’re likin’ it.


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Issue 1 Details+

So here we are, looking for work for Issue One – we’re very excited by this venture and hope that it’s a success. But enough about our hopes, lets move on to the important stuff.


Issue 1 is themed ‘Place/Places’.

From now on, we will be accepting every and any nature of submission for the zine which at present does not have a publishing date but the volume of submissions will determine how soon we’ll be able to announce one.

On a similar matter we are looking for photography, art or animation to use for our front cover so anybody that has anything to share, please don’t hesitate to darken our editor’s email account.

Which, that reminds us, we better give out:


We look forward to hearing from you and reading/viewing/admiring your work.

Also, feel free to follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/minus9squared

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